The Yakima Police Department recently posted on Facebook warning residents of a new phone scam that has hit the area.  The person will call saying that they are "with the FBI/CIA and that they were investigating a fraudulent bank account".  In the most recent incident, the Yakima resident told the phone scammer that she was going to call the Yakima Police Department to file a report and hung up.

Here's where it gets scary. According to the Yakima PD Facebook post; "The lady then received a phone call back, the number on her caller ID was the Yakima Police Dept. main line number. The caller identified himself as Chief Rizzi. This person told her that there was a fax and that the YPD detectives were investigating." The Yakima resident then hung up the phone.

This is nuts! So basically the little tidbit of info that the Yakima resident gave the phone scammer was all he needed to do a quick Google search. It IS possible to disguise phone numbers by using a website like

Be very cautious with calls like this! If it feels like a scam, it probably is. Yakima PD also said; "Chief Rizzi will not likely be calling to inform you of an investigation. In the event of an actual investigation the detective handling the case will make contact."

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