As we all know, there have been lots of first with COVID. Here's another one. And it's a potential game changer in the refreshment game.

Remember when in the middle of summer, when all you wanted to do was go to 7/11 and fill up on a vat of their famous icy, cold, refreshing Slurpee? Yeah, for Yakima 7/11's in 2020, this will be the first year of no freebies since 2002.

If every year, you looked forward to getting your Free Slurpee on 7/11 Day, which is on July 11th (get it, 7/11 Day?), you may want to scratch that day off your calendar for 2020.

7-11 Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary
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But this isn't a typical year, and 7-Eleven just has decided to cancel Free Slurpee Day for the first time because of, quote, "uncertainties associated with the COVID-19 pandemic." This includes all 7/11 stores in Yakima as well.

Yeah, it's kinda hard to give people FREE Slurpee's when you can't get people into the stores. Especially here in Yakima where we are still in Phase 1 and "opening back" up seems so far away.

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You can still get the FREE icy treat was discovered by accident in the 50's. 7-Eleven isn’t cancelling free Slurpee drinks altogether. To help with social distancing, members of the free 7Rewards loyalty program will get a coupon for a free medium Slurpee redeemable once in July. Just download their free app to take advantage of 7/11's Free Slurpee offer.

There are five 7/11 locations nearby with four locations in Yakima and one in Selah.

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