His name is Justice and he's a cadaver dog at the Yakima County Coroners Office. Coroner Jim Curtice works closely with Justice in the hope of finding human remains. They work together in the cool of winter and the heat of the summer. Curtice says Justice was recently blessed by K9 Foundation Yakima Valley after the foundation purchased a climate control system for the Yakima County Coroners Office official vehicle.

The system will help save the life of Justice

The Excessive Heat Warning System could save the life of Justice on a hot day like today. If the vehicle cooling system fails the windows of the vehicle will automatically roll down, his vehicle door will open and an alarm will sound. The system is similar to systems used in police K9 vehicles.
Curtice says along with help from K9 Foundation Yakima Valley Justice also receives help from Earthwise Pet Supply in Yakima. Curtice says Earthwise Pet Supply has "generously donated dog food since Cadaver Dog Justice started working for Yakima County."
Curtice says Justice has proven to be a valuable resource for our County with four finds and hundreds of personal hours saved searching.

K9 Foundation Yakima Valley is always helping support local authorities

The K9 Foundation Yakima Valley earlier this year also purchased new attic deployment systems for the K9 officers. Authorities say the kits are a safe way for K9 officers to be placed into attics and other tight spots. They're then released with the pull of a cable to begin a search of the area. The K9's are a vital part of the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and the Yakima Police Department.
Curtice says Justice the cadaver dog was purchased as a result of a $14,000 grant from Legends Casino in Toppenish.

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