Years of outgrown clothes, toys that no longer get played with and many other items that no longer get used. That's what been in our storage unit for years.

When we put our house up for sale four years ago, we shoved all kinds of things into the storage unit to make the house more attractive to buyers.

Then we decided to take the house off the market until our two older sons' graduate high school ... but we never retrieved all that stuff we'd put in storage.

My sons have both graduated, and my oldest now has his very first apartment near the University of Washington, where he's studying.

So I've decided that it's time to clean out all the unused, unwanted items from storage -- as well as the house -- and have a yard sale. I even had my oldest come home and pack up what he wanted to either take with him or throw in the yard sale. This was a huge step for me! (Of course his room still has his bed for when he comes home to visit, which for me is not often enough.)

Meantime, the yard sale is coming up. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to yard sales, though, so what tips do you have for me? Last time I priced EVERYTHING and that didn't seem to work well. People would just take the price tag off or swap them. This time I'm just doing tables with prices -- 50 cents, one dollar, two dollar and five for the clothes. Should I price stuff that's not clothes?