Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale starts at 8 a.m. Saturday at the Perry Tech parking lot across from the airport. Even if you're a pro at yard sales and have done them all before, here are some helpful tips to make sure you don't miss out on anything.

What to Bring:


Of course! Thanks to apps like Square, people taking cards is becoming more and more prominent, especially for small businesses. But cash is king at yard sales, so make sure you bring plenty. The smaller the bills, the better. People manning the yard sale may not have change if everyone keeps giving them big bills. You'll be doing them a favor and maybe even getting yourself a discount. Change, too! Plenty of items are less than a dollar, so even a small handful of quarters would be great.

Suntan Lotion:
It's often very sunny on the day of the yard sale so it may not be a bad idea to bring some suntan lotion. I'd wear a hat, too, just to be safe. Even if it doesn't seem that hot, UV rays are unforgiving.

Outside drinks are fine, so you're strongly encouraged to bring a bottle of water. With the sun shining on that hot pavement, you'll be happy you have it. We have plenty of vendors who will be happy to sell you some as well.

Smart Phone — Charged:
I'd bring one for two reasons. One, to call or text others if you find something they'd be interested in hurrying down and picking up, or to ask them if they'd like you to buy it for them. The other reason is, if you're a reseller, you can do quick eBay searches to see if some item someone’s selling for a dollar might be worth much more.

Grocery Bags:
I usually bring a bag or two. That way if you buy several smaller items you don't look like an idiot walking around with all of these random things in your hands, under your arms, balanced on your head, etc. Just grab a few bags and ball them up in your pocket — they don't take much room at all.

A Clean Trunk:
If you're like me, I forget I have a stroller, a folding chair and a bag of clothes in the back of my vehicle at almost all times. Make sure you make plenty of room so you're not stuck trying to figure out how to fit everything in the back of your car like some kind of white-trash tetris.

Newspapers — or something to use as padding:
Great if you're buying plates, glassware, antiques or anything fragile. The seller might not have what you need to make sure it's safe, so it's on you to protect your purchases.


Put your helpful tips in the comments.

Happy yard saling!