Yellowstone's upcoming Season 4 will feature some new faces in addition to the fans' already-established favorites, and a new trailer gives viewers an in-depth introduction to one of the new characters. A clip posted to the show's Twitter feed gives Yellowstone fans a first look at the character of Carter, played by Finn Little.

A press release announcing Season 4 describes Carter as  "a young boy reminiscent of a young Rip."

He becomes a regular character in Season 4 after "Beth decides the ranch is the best place to teach him a lesson on how to be a man," the press release states.

The new trailer features 15-year-old Little in his first appearance as Carter, with ranch hand Walker (Ryan Bingham) asking him if he wants to be a cowboy.

"Life kinda robbed me of my options," Carter replies.

The actor is from Australia, and the behind-the-scenes portion of the clip is somewhat startling as his real accent comes out. He says that he was thrown in the deep end as soon as he arrived on the set of the hit Paramount show.

"On my first day, I was taken to props, where I was given a selection of knives to choose for Carter," he recounts.

"Everyone just said, 'Welcome to Yellowstone," he adds with a laugh.

His character is in a tight spot when he comes to the ranch, and the older characters take him under their wing to a certain extent. Little says he's particularly glad that some of the other people on the set of the show are "real cowboys" who "really know what they're doing," which makes it easier for him to learn about the ways of the ranch.

"I've really enjoyed every moment of it," he says of his time on the show. "It feels nice to be a part of something big."

Yellowstone has become the most-watched show on cable television since it debuted in 2018. Its success has spawned two upcoming spinoffs. Yellowstone: 666 has been announced, but few details are available. More interesting to country music fans is 1883, which stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill as James and Margaret Dutton, John Dutton's great-grandparents.

1883 follows their family as they head West on a difficult trek from Texas to Montana, where they will end up establishing the ranch that serves as the setting for the original show. The show also stars Sam Elliott, and Billy Bob Thornton will appear in a guest role.

The Paramount Network has announced that 1883 will premiere on Dec. 19, while Yellowstone Season 4 will air on the Paramount Network and Paramount+ beginning Nov. 7. Subscribe to the streaming service to make sure you don't miss out.

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