When the Yakima Mall had a food court in the '90s a favorite place for myself and my friends was Flaming Wok. They had a few options for plates to go or to eat at that food court area. The one they prided themselves on was their sesame chicken. If you walked by they'd hand you a free sample. One of the employees (he may have been the owner or manager, I'm not sure) would tell people when walking by, "want to try a free sample? Sesame chicken, only $4.29." Yes, I still remember the price as it was what I often ordered for myself. It was too good to pass up. You'd get fried rice or noodles (white rice if you asked) and the meat of your choice from a few options. You could pay extra to get two options than just one.

If you miss Flaming Wok from Yakima Mall, you'll be happy to know it still exists in other malls including one that's just a short drive away.

If you find yourself in Spokane Valley Mall, they also have a food court around the center of the mall on the top floor and they still have a Flaming Wok.

Since a few years have passed, it's no longer the original price, but that's to be expected.

Although they don't have someone yelling at you to try their free samples at this location, they still have several options to choose from. Admittedly, when I tried this it didn't seem 100% exactly the way it was at Yakima Mall. Not that it was terrible, but just didn't seem the same.

I was happy to see this so letting you know if you miss Flaming Wok, you can still get experience this in Spokane Valley.

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