100% of the proceeds from this song go to Connecticut!

Take a listen to the song here:

Andy Griggs 'Twenty Little Angels'



Statement from Andy Griggs:

Okay, do you remember a couple of weeks ago when the terrible shooting took place in Connecticut, and we all mourned and grieved together on Facebook? A lot of us were asking ourselves, "What can we do?" As my arms were thrown up to the sky with so many question marks, a lot of you had ideas about me writing a song and somehow aiming it towards some kind of charity or foundation that would go to the families. Well, you inspired me! I called my friend, Bobby Pinson the next day. We sat down and wrote what I thought would be a completely awkward song. It was the exact opposite! It came out better than anything I could've imagined. I guess through our conversations over Facebook, we all came up with something that was meant to be. When Bobby and I finished writing the song, we both had tears in our eyes and knew that it needed to be released IMMEDIATELY!!!!! It's been a long two weeks from writing to recording to producing to mixing, all the way to mastering. Did it mess up our plans for the holidays?....YES. Has it been a long tear stained journey?...YES. But is it worth the ride?...YES. Here's the deal. Y'all helped me create this! You're just as a part of this as I am! It came from you!

Sometime next week it will be available on iTunes. Buy the song and spread the word. 100% of ALL proceeds will be going straight to Connecticut. The foundation is called Sandy Hook Support Fund, managed by United Way of Western Connecticut. As a matter of fact, there are no fees that iTunes will be keeping and all credit card companies have waived off the same. Y'all, we've had an incredible time on Facebook, but I've never asked a deep favor of you, but today I am. Please be a part of something that we all started.