My friend Kathleen tipped me off to this picture and post and it is one that will get a lot of folks boiling.

A Cafe Owner in Washington was so upset by the mess made at her eatery by some customers that she decided to post the picture

It happened at Rainy Days Caffe in Lake Stevens Washington and the owner Rainy decided to post the picture with the words "I'm trying to run a business here not a daycare".

The kid's mom saw the post and was appalled and the picture has gone viral with backlash on the Cafe owner. Rainy has said that she has received hateful comments and posts.

Rainy initially refused to apologize but later refuted that she was sorry and posted that she was sorry for the embarrassment all around.

I think that when you go out to eat there is some expectation that a mess will happen with kids and families.

If you are in the restaurant business --- shouldn't messes be expected?