Ag News: Eating Insects Mmmmm
Have you ever eaten crickets? Eating insects just might help reduce our carbon footprint. A major company is testing cricket flour for use in snack foods.
Ag News: Brazil Rice Subsidized
U.S. farmers claims Brazil using government programs to push Brazilian rice into the U.S. and other countries where the U.S. fights to keep market shares.
Ag News: Conaway on SNAP
Conaway says they’ve talked with citizens, who been helped by SNAP and identified modest improvements to better serve those in greatest need.
Ag News: Ag Suicide Bill
Farm groups wants the STRESS Act to be inclusion in the farm bill, which gives states resources to help farmers and ranchers with mental health treatment.
Ag News: USDA Tariff Compensation
USDA scrutinizing legal paths for assistance under the Commodity Credit Corporation. Syngenta transaction is subject to clearance by the merger-control authorities.
Ag News: China In To Win
China countering U.S. protectionism "to the end, and at any cost," over proposed tariffs. Years of work to achieve U.S.-grown rice access to the Chinese market.

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