How Much Would You Pay To Meet Your Favorite Celebrity? [POLL]
Michele was in Las Vegas last week to see Britney Spears as an anniversary gift from her husband. I don't know what he spent on the tickets, but I know that he got some great seats and went the extra mile and supposedly paid a small fortune.
He didn't realize that as much as he'd already spent, it di…
What Crayola Color Matches Yakima Best?
You've probably heard the news by now: Crayola plans to drop one of its signature crayon colors this Friday.
Yes, one of the 24 go-to colors that most of us grew up with, will retire. Is it Indigo? Surely not Scarlet!
Whatever it is, it got us thinking: What if Crayola made a color just for the Y…
Can You Drive A Stick Shift? [POLL]
I saw this photo that a friend of mine posted on Facebook and thought it was funny.
It never occurred to me that driving a stick shift had become a lost art until I tried to teach my son Logan to drive my pickup last fall -- it was a complete disaster.
5 Things I Must Eat Or Drink At Least Once A Week [POLL]
Nowadays, everything is processed foods or there is some ingredient in them that is terrible for you. It really stinks, because those things always taste so darn good. Take soda pop. It taste amazing, but it is not good for you at all. I have to have a Diet Mountain Dew at least once a day. For the …

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