Random Acts of Bullness

Random Acts of … Blondness [VIDEO]
With Random Acts of Bullness, we spread a little love around the Yakima Valley. It could be someone who needs recognition for going above and beyond. It could be a family who can't afford to buy those tickets but really needs a getaway.
Our Cups Runneth Over After a Reverse Random Act of Bullness
From time to time, the Morning Bull Pen likes surprising folks around the valley with what we call Random Acts of Bullness -- such as giving rodeo tickets to kids or passing out free coffee at espresso stands.
We never figured on it happening the other way around, though.
Free Coffee With a Random Act of Bullness [VIDEO]
Cefus and Michele headed out this morning for another Random Act Of Bullness, surprising listeners with free coffee at 40th Ave. Espresso. Listeners had to know the code word "Michele Is The Best" to get a free cup of java ... which seems a little suspicious to me.