What If Marvel Comic Book Characters Had A Facebook [VIDEO]
I am so pumped up for the premiere of Marvel's Dr. Strange on November 4th. You can bet I'll have my feet kicked up on the back of a seat cushion at the Sunnyside Grand Cinema with a big ole' bucket of popcorn awaiting the arrival of the Sorcerer Supreme. I've been a huge fan of the Steve Ditko char…
Local Teen Is Found Safe On White Pass [VIDEO]
A 15-year-old boy who had been lost on White Pass after taking a hike with his father has been found safe and unharmed after having the presence of mind to just stay calm.
This video from our local News Talk KIT reporter shows how the kid never panicked during his experience of being lost i…
‘Car-aoke’ With The Morning Bull Pen — Day 10
Read their lips: You. Could. Win. Watershed. Passes.
Yup, it's that simple.And for one last day, Rik and Michele are offering you the opportunity to win passes to the second weekend (Aug. 5-7) of this summer's Watershed Music Festival!
All you have to do is watch -- and we mean WATCH --…

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