Job Seekers  Meet With Recruiters At Job FairSure, you think you have a spruced up resume, and good for you if you show up on time to your interview. Employers want to know that they're going to hire someone who can work hard and better their company, but any applicant can come off that way. How do employers know they should hire you? I've got some tips to make you a more employable candidate. When applying for a job, here are some ways to make your resume more impressive and distinctive:

  • Make sure your activity and employment information is up-to-date and that you have current references.
  • Pay attention to spelling. If you don't take time to make sure your spelling is correct, then an employer will think you won't take time to make sure anything else is done right.
  • Only list information that is relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Add some nice effects and fonts to your resume. Don't get too flashy or busy, but if your resume looks different and dynamic then it becomes less tedious to read.
  • Leave out the cliche and superfluous adjectives like outstanding, effective, motivated, exceptional etc. All that says is good for you- you know how to copy and paste from a Microsoft Office template. Employers want to see your accomplishments and how you benefited your previous work place, so that they know that you would be a profitable employee.

Employers also really want to get as a sense of who you are on a non-professional level. So they'll look you up on Facebook or Twitter and if they see anything like a picture from a scandalous night at the bar, or an status update with 8,00o swear words, then they may opt not to hire you. So do what I call Facebook or Twitter cleaning.

  • Get rid of any pictures that you don't want employers to see by untagging yourself or deleting them.
  • Check to see if you have any offensive status updates or wall posts from friends, and if you have any friends that would post something that is inappropriate, un-friend them.
  • Employers most of the time just want to look at your Facebook and not request you, so make sure you adjust your privacy settings so that nobody can see what's on your profile that isn't your friend.

From there you just have to win over your hiring managers or potential employers by showing confidence during your interview, along with revealing initiative and expressing excitement for the job you're applying for. As long as you stand out among the other potentials you are competing with, then you'll be remembered and you'll get the job.