Former Celebrity Apprentice finalist Trace Adkins is the one who suggested to Donald Trump that John Rich be a future contestant. Now, John is on the show and he has his own country star in mind for a future season – Dierks Bentley. John says “He’ll text me after the show’s over and go, ‘Dude! What happened tonight? Oh my God, I can’t believe it,’ you know and he’s askin’ me questions about it. But, I think a guy like Dierks would be good because he’s very even tempered, he’s a smart guy, he’s just the kind of guy after bein’ through the show, I think his kind of attitude and smarts could go a long way in that show.” John also says Dierks is a charitable guy, which would make him a good fit for the competition.
· Meanwhile on the Show – Donald Trump fired Gary Busey on the last episode of Apprentice and John Rich says it was his time to go. “I think Trump finally was seeing what we’d all been saying, like, ‘Mr. Trump you don’t understand Gary Busey off-camera is out of control and when he comes into your boardroom he’s actin’ like, ‘What, I didn’t do anything? Why is everybody pickin’ on me?’’ And, I think Trump finally caught wind of that.” Gary leaves behind Rich, Meat Loaf and Lil Jon to take on the girls’ team next week.