Miranda and Blake Shelton are set to wed in May but if Ronnie Dunn and Reba would have had it their way – the couple would have wed last April in Las Vegas. All of the country music industry was in Sin City for the ACM Awards and with so many chapels around, Ronnie and Reba felt like the couple that had been dating for almost five years shouldn’t wait any longer.  Miranda said  Ronnie Dunn and Reba were telling us, ‘Might as well go to the church.’ We were out having dinner. And I’m like, ‘No, I’m not gonna let him off the hook that easy. He’s gotta do the ring, and the whole deal. I’m not gonna do that.’” Miranda’s parents weren’t with them in Vegas which made the timing un-ideal for Miranda who said “My family would kill me. [Laughs] My mom would be so mad. [Laughs] You know what? My dad would be like, ‘Oh, thank God. Please take her off my hands.’ He loves Blake so…[Laughs] He’d be glad.” Blake proposed to Miranda about a month after the ACM Awards. Both will attend the Grammy awards this weekend. Miranda is nominated and will perform while Blake will take the stage as a presenter.

Miranda Lambert