Our National Anthem admittedly is not a real easy song to sing, but most of us learned the tune and lyrics before we were five years old. Why do celebrities have so much trouble singing it a sports event? Here's a look at celebrity anthem singers who went down in flames.



Christina Aguilera – Superbowl XLV


Part of the problem could be that singers try to put their own stamp on the anthem. We think that's what happened to Xtina in Dallas.



Roseanne Barr – San Diego 1990


Roseanne was invited to sing by TV producer Tom Werner, who at that time was part owner of the San Diego Padres. She should have known that you don't try to put a comedy spin on the anthem, especially the ballplayer type cup adjust-chew spit at the end. Just bad.



Michael Bolton


A lot of people like Michael Bolton. After all, he's sold millions of records. But he absolutely bombed here. Can you believe he had the lyrics written on his hand? He dances about as well.



Carl Lewis – Sings at an NBA game.


Carl Lewis is one of the most decorated track and field athletes in Olympic history. No gold medal performance here!



Cuba Gooding, Sr


Cuba Gooding, Sr. is the father of Oscar winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr., and was the lead singer of the 1970's soul group The Main Edition. Their big hit was “Everybody Plays The Fool (Sometimes)”. No hit record here.