As heard today in the 'You Gotta Be Kidding Me' News Stories!

Last week, 20-year-old Milton J. Hodges of Green Cove Springs, Florida robbed a Lowe's in Kissimmee, Florida . . . then escaped from security guards by breaking into the Cypress Cove NUDIST RESORT and Spa.

Once Milton was inside, he pulled out a knife and stole a golf cart from a security guard.

But when the cops got there, they were easily able to spot Milton . . . because he was the only one WEARING CLOTHES.  He was arrested.

Ted Hadley is the owner of the nudist resort, which has been around for 48 years.

He says, quote, "We usually don't get the outside world coming through our gates like that.  We don't get a lot of crime in The Cove, so this was definitely unusual for us . . . definitely a lot of excitement."

Source: Orlando Sentinel