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Have You Ever Quit a Job on the Spot?
Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis retired in the middle of Sunday's game against the Chargers. Have you ever quit a job on the spot like that?
Weather Reporter Looks To Fake Being Pushed by the Wind
A Weather Channel reporter was on-camera and struggling to keep his balance against the winds of Hurricane Florence. And then two guys show up in the background walking with no problem... was the reporter faking it?
Watch The Livestream Of The Pendleton Round-Up!
The Wrangler Network will be livestreaming the Friday and Saturday performances of the iconic Pendleton Round-Up as rodeo athletes compete in one of the most historic and prestigious rodeos in the world.
Gunner's Labor Day Weekend In One Picture
I hope you were able to take a little time this last weekend to NOT Labor... you know, just taking time to unplug and relax. That's exactly what I did over the weekend.