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How Does One Accidentally Drive Away in the Wrong Car?
With all the electronics and technology our vehicles have, you would think it would be virtually impossible to drive away with someone else's car, right? Well, not for a gentleman from Nova Scotia -- apparently technology made it very easy!
Auction, Dinner and Comedy Coming Next Month!
I am all about fundraisers that support kids around the valley, and this one is no different. Enjoy an auction, dinner and a comedy show all while supporting the local baseball Legion Baseball club, the Pepsi Paks.
'Yakima-Opoly' Is Here ... Have You Played It Yet?
Walmart in Terrace Heights is now carrying "Yakima-Opoly"... which of course is a local edition of the hit board game "Monopoly." With local properties you can "buy" like White Pass Ski Area, Bale Breaker Brewing, Cowiche Canyon Kitchen, Miner's Drive-In and more.
Gunner & Cheyenne's Christmas Wishes #4 -- Sheena In Yakima
Earlier this month, we asked you to nominate deserving families in the Yakima area who needed Christmas Wishes. We received an overwhelming response! There were so many stories and so much need! Now we're granting Christmas Wishes all week.
What Does A Sugar Plum Taste Like?
According to an Instagram post by Icee, the cafes at Target stores are selling Sugar Plum Icees for Christmas. What the heck is a "Sugar Plum" and what does it taste like?
How Far Would You Go to Get a Pot Hole Fixed?
Pot holes can be detrimental to our vehicles as we all know, and no amount of complaining about them gets our city to move quickly to fix them. But maybe we need to take a page out of this lady's playbook to get things done?
Celebrities Are Paying Off Layaway Accounts
Christmas has come early for many this holiday season -- in a big way. Celebrities are helping in ways that only celebrities can: by paying off thousands of dollars in layaway accounts.
'Sleep Texting:' Yes, It's a Thing. Have You Done This?
Sleep Walking, Sleep Talking, Eating in our sleep, and acting out our dreams, these are all things we have heard of or seen people do and it is not necessarily a weird thing to hear. We can now add sleep texting to the list of things we do while sleeping.