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The Story Of Mr. G And Jellybean Will Tear You Up [VIDEO]
I'm an animal lover and seeing this video made my eyes tear up. It's a touching sad-to-happy story as Mr. G the goat is separated from his burro friend, Jellybean. It is the real life story with shades of that dog and horse Budweiser commercial we liked so much during the Super Bowl. Speci…
Dog To The Rescue!
Who says that they are only dumb animals? They are the one who are! A yellow Labrador Retriever named Reagan comes to the rescue of kittens trapped inside a bag and dumped!
Res Q Angels Animal Rescue is here to help.
Res Q angels is a registered non profit organization staffed entirely by volunteers. They are committed to the well being of lost, abandoned abused and neglected animals of the Yakima Valley. If you find a stray dog you can call (888)502-1615 or go to ResQAngels...