What’s In Your Vending Machine? Chocolate and Popcorn Are Perfect!
Vending machines can be really boring sometimes. They always have the exact same stuff in them. Sometimes you can get a vending machine that has gummy bears or worms or stuff like that. It is pretty rare, though. I went to our vending machine today, which is older than the Columbia River, and found …
If You Love Chocolate. You’ll Love This!
I was doing a little surfing of the intranet and while looking for something of interest, I was snacking on a bit of chocolate. When I stumble across this important event happening on Oct. 22 and 23. If you love CHOCOLATE, you need to see this!
America, Home to Chocolate Freaks! [AUDIO]
"They are buying Turtles, that's the hottest thing right now"
We all know how important Chocolate is to the good ole USA.  The fact is that Americans have already spent on average $58 per person in the first half of the year.  In tough economic times we still buy the …