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Yakima Chamber Of Commerce Offers Customer Service Seminars
If you are a business owner, you know how important repeat business is to your survival, so customer service is usually your No. 1 priority.
It's crazy in this day and age how we've let customer service slide in this hustle and bustle world, but great business owners still recognize how important it …
Yakima Needs Your Help In Finding The Worst Potholes In The City
This year's snow has piled up and lasted longer than expected, and that has caused issues on the streets of Yakima.
The City Of Yakima has a forum to report a damaged street sign, graffiti, pothole, or street light that is burned you can help the city identify these structural brea…
Mayor’s Blog: First Trip Through the Yakima MLK Underpass [VIDEO]
It's officially open for traffic now -- the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard underpass was dedicated today by a number of statewide and local leaders. I had the honor of hosting the ceremony that included speeches from state Sen. Curtis King and regional director Don Whitehouse, regional director o…

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