The Perfect Pairing: Coffee and Wine
FINALLY!!! Two of my favorite things -- coffee and wine -- have been fused together!
The coffee from Wild Card Roosters is infused with Napa Valley's Molinari Private Reserve, which they've spent two years perfecting.
There’s A New Starbucks In Town!
It seems like everywhere you look there's another Starbucks moving in and setting up shop. In fact, in Los Feliz, CA, they just had a dumb starbucks open up the other day. No, literally. The place is actually called "Dumb Starbucks"! It has everything a normal Starbucks has, f…
Holiday Lattes are back at Tom Tom Espresso
Jingle bells, Jingles Bells, coffee all the way! Holiday espresso is back at Tom Tom in Yakima. My wife all but forces me to bring her a  16oz Egg Nog latte, and for only $4 (us currancy) you can own one too. I dropped in on Cassie and the gang at Tom Tom to see first hand which holiday beverag…

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