Do You Really Need to Rake Those Leaves?
Ah, fall -- the leaves turn breathtaking colors, setting the hills ablaze with streaks of red, orange and yellow.
But somehow, they don't look as pretty when they're all over your lawn. Now they just look like work.
Do they need to, though...
What are the BEST and WORST Things about the Fall/Winter Season?
Katy Carver says: The best thing; hot apple cider or Hot Chocolate. The Worst thing; Drivers that can't drive in the snow.
April Jordan says: Wait...there is a worst thing about fall? I don't believe it. I love that its cold, I love the fall colors, I love the holidays....and most important…
Scotty McCreery Falls Off the Stage, Gets Pranked by Brad Paisley
When Scotty McCreery took the stage to open for Brad Paisley in Bethel, N.Y. over the weekend, he must not have paid close enough attention to the width of the walkway into the crowd. Either that, or maybe he was rocking out so hard during the final tune of his set that he lost his balance, because …
Hiking the Cowiche Canyon
Autumn colors are turning the leafs gold, red and other colors of the season. If you love the changes of the seasons this is a must do!
Get your Garden Ready for Fall, 3 Things You Need to Know
I'm sure summer is still on most of our minds, but there are some things we should plan for heading into fall.  I'm not the gardening type, but I do occasionally hire professionals to get the basic job done.  My wife and I have a giant tree that got a little out of control. …