5 Cute Kids Catching Their First Fish [VIDEOS]
Give a kid a fish and he probably won’t eat it (fish are yucky!), but teach a kid to fish and he just might have one of the most mind-bending experiences of his cute little life. See, here’s the thing about fishing: When it works, it’s crazy, especially if you’ve never caught a fish before. What’s t…
Yakima Kids’ Fish-In This Weekend!
5,000 fish were released into the Sarg Hubbard Park pond for the 2013 Yakima Kids Fish-In!  The event is this Saturday April 27th.  Cost is $10 per kid age 5-14.  It is limited to the first 1,000 who sign up.
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Unruly Fish Causes Hilarious News Blooper
Intrepid Tennessee reporter Carley Gordon got way more than she bargained for when an Asian carp broke free during a Channel 4 News report and nearly sent her over the side of a boat. Well, it is an invasive species, after all. What did she expect?