The Kids Haven’t Outgrown Pumpkin-Carving Yet!
With my two older sons out of the nest, it's nice to still have two younger kids in the house who still want to do all the fun holiday stuff -- which means carving pumpkins. And now, we also have my niece, who recently moved from Texas, living next door, so she joins in on the family fun.
They a…
Halloween Is Here — Do You Believe In Ghosts? [POLL]
Halloween is only a couple of days away. Everyone wants to tell a good ghost story or at least hear one. Me? I am kind of in the middle about this. Not sure one way or the other. Although, I do not believe ghosts -- if there is such a thing -- are mean. They are dead, for crying out loud.
Halloween Light Shows Rock, Literally [VIDEO]
Forget Christmas light shows! Halloween light shows have them beat. Orange, black, red green and white are the colors to see this year. I drove up to Cowiche this weekend to do a little hiking before the snow falls and I saw some pretty amazing lights already up for Halloween.
What’s a Quick, Easy Snack for a Halloween Party?
HELP! I need ideas for a cute and creative Halloween party snack to bring to Shaylee's classroom party -- but it has to be something that doesn't require Martha Stewart ninja skills!
It doesn't necessarily have to be healthy, just a little on the easy side...

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