What Happened When I Updated My iPhone?
I finally updated my iPhone the other day. (Ok ... I had my son do it.) I've had my iPhone 3GS for almost 2 years and have yet to update it. I was scared to update it because I've heard from other people who have updated their iPhone that they lost everything in their phone...
Meet the Weirdest iPhone 5 Fan Out There
Do you ever wonder why some folks will actually wait in line for days for the release of a new product, mainly Apple's iPhone 5? Well, Youtube interview Sam Roberts got to the bottom of at least why one woman had camped out two days for the iPhone, and her reasoning will probably make…
Best Twitter Reactions to the New iPhone 5
So Apple is releasing a new iPhone (again). It's thinner, lighter, bigger and faster. It comes with headphones that might actually fit your ears. It fits in your hand. It also possesses the ability to explode the Twitterverse. Here's what people are saying.
Should I Snoop Through My Kids iPhone?
Last night I discovered that my 15 and 14 year old son's have passwords on their iPhone. I thought for sure that my 15 year old would have no problem telling me what his brother's password was, but he wouldn't!! Then ... I asked my 14 year old for his password and he wouldn't giv…

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