Is Rik Mikals a One-Hit Wonder? [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love a one-hit wonder? We could go through a huge list and bore you with songs you may or may not remember, but I'll leave that to Rik Mikals.
Rik, who is famous for his music knowledge, takes a short quiz from yours truly to see if he's still got it in the music department…
What Nashville People Never Say [VIDEO]
Being a country music fan in Yakima can sometimes come with some misconceptions on what it is like to live in Nashville. It is the music capital of the world and very easy to misunderstand, but we at The Bull are here to clear up the situation -- because that is the kind of people we are.
Lyrics That You Didn’t Realize That You Messed Up On [VIDEO]
Michele and I were talking on the morning show about lyrics that we've messed up on.
For instance, I thought for years that England Dan and John Ford Coley's song said "I'm not talking about millennium," only to discover 20 years later that they were really saying "I'm not talking abou…
Blake Noble Tears Up Downtown Summer Nights!
Aussie native and Yakima favorite Blake Noble teared up Downtown Summer Nights with a packed show that everyone all ages enjoyed. Noble who hails from Byron Bay, Australia but lives in Seattle is well known to downtown Yakima. His first show in the US was actually in Yakima...

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