Rik Reviews The New Razor Kit from Harry’s [VIDEO]
I hear the ad all the time on the radio and curiosity finally got to me. I went online to Harry's to order myself a razor set. You know I like to be frugal so I purchased the $15 starter set. I wanted to see what all the hype was so here is my review of Harry's Razors.
Joy Garden Korean Food Review
After trying Korean food for the first time, I think I might end up blowing off all of my rent money on it. Cefus and I took a trip to Joy Garden yesterday for lunch and after trying it, I thought it needed a good review. It's definitely one of Yakima's special food treasures...
Kabob House Lunch Review- By Lindsey the Intern’s
The other day, Cefus and I were driving down Nob Hill and I mentioned that I had never been to Kabob House. I hear people rave incessantly about the food, but I had never made my way over there. So we decided to hit it up for our lunch break.