Retail Egg Prices Reach New Lows; Another Soda Tax
**Retail prices for generic, white eggs are reaching the lowest levels we’ve seen in a long time because of overproduction.
The volatile egg market stems from the Bird Flu outbreak in 2015 that killed nearly 50 million hens and turkeys in the Midwest...
Hidden Taxes Make School Supplies Cost More!
Everyone knows there are federal taxes on tobacco and alcohol, but did you know your candy bar is taxed too? Plenty of unexpected taxes raise the price of goods and services; so-called sin taxes, import duties, user fees and excise taxes on things as varied as gas guzzlers, firearms, communications …
How To File an Extension For Your 2010 Taxes
Because of Emancipation Day, a little known Washington D.C. holiday that this year is being celebrated on April 15, US taxpayers had until April 18 to file their taxes.
For some people that still won't be enough time to get all their papers in order. If you find yourself in that boat, you can file fo…
Seven Ridiculous State Taxes
While doing (and paying) your taxes is the opposite of a good time, there are some taxes that are so ridiculous, they're actually kind of fun.
Well, maybe not so fun if you actually live in one of these states. Check out our list of seven ridiculous state taxes:
Five Forbidden Tax Deductions
One of the few joys of tax preparation is making deductions and watching your bill from Uncle Sam get lower and lower.
Here's a list of five expenses that might be tempting to deduct, but are strictly forbidden by the IRS.