If You Got Taxed, Cefus Gets Waxed [VIDEO]
This Wednesday (April 15) we as Americans will reach the deadline to file our income tax with the federal government. In honor of this momentous holiday we want to reward those who have to pay this year. We've got a fun little game planned called "You got taxed and he gets waxed.&q…
Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet? [POLL]
I sent my taxes in last week to make sure they get to the IRS on time. Have you done your taxes yet, or have you filed for an extension? Vote in our poll below
Seven Ridiculous State Taxes
While doing (and paying) your taxes is the opposite of a good time, there are some taxes that are so ridiculous, they're actually kind of fun.
Well, maybe not so fun if you actually live in one of these states. Check out our list of seven ridiculous state taxes:
Tax day is almost here!
As I was writing a large check to the IRS today, I thought to myself.......Did I get every deduction? Have I written off all my deductions? Did I forget any W-2 forms?