Trace Adkins who was set to perform tomorrow night at Swiftwater Cellars released this statement today...

With heartfelt concern for the residents of Cle Elum, WA who are currently facing devastating wildfires, I can not in good conscience stage a concert this Friday while the community is under such strain.

We have been following the developments closely and while the Swiftwater Cellars Amphitheater is not directly in the fire’s path, Gov. Gregoire has declared a state of emergency and reports indicate that the fire, which has claimed 22,000 acres, will require up to seven more days before it is comfortably contained.

I know all too well what residents are feeling as they evacuate their homes. I thank God that reports indicate no loss of life. As the hundreds of firefighters, National Guardsmen and community leaders work overtime to keep everyone safe, I hope that those who have the means will also offer their help.

We look forward to returning and celebrating the community’s strength once this crisis has passed.

Trace was scheduled to perform and has said that once the crisis is averted, he will return to perform at Swiftwater Cellars in the future.