What?! A teacher reminding a student that are rules in the classroom! Wow!


A Pleasant Glade Elementary School teacher taped a student to a chair in a classroom Tuesday and the Mother is upset. 

"He said, 'My teacher taped me to my chair and called it a seat belt and the kids laughed at me, and made fun of me and made me feel embarrassed." said Jennifer Foux of Lacey. Foux said her son was emotionally shaken up by the punishment and her son admits to standing up during class when he should have been sitting down. But she doesn't think the teacher's actions were appropriate.

"My son calls it green tape. I have no idea if it was masking tape or painter's tape or what," she said. "I don't really care what kind of tape it was. I felt that it was child endangerment. It's imprisonment. It's bullying. What if there was an earthquake, or a fire or an emergency? It's a safety issue."

the district wants to work with the family to resolve the matter. However, its investigation differs from the mom's allegations.

"What we've gathered was the child was moving about the classroom, and in an effort to remind him to stay in his seat, she placed a piece of masking tape across his lap," Schrieve said. "It's definitely not a behavior we condone, but the child was not harmed. ... It was a lapse of judgment, and we understand why the family is upset."

Thanks to Lisa Pemberton of the Olympian for the story