Dustin Lynch is one of country music’s burgeoning superstars, and he's got the songs to prove it.

Since debuting on the scene in 2012 with the heartwarming “Cowboys and Angels,” Lynch has become a consistent hitmaker, topping the charts more than once. Though his career is still young, the star already has seven No. 1 hits under his belt and nearly a dozen Top 30 singles across his four albums.

While all of his hits appear on this list, the order in which they do may stir debate. Along with tracks that were tailor-made for radio, one of Lynch’s songs that wasn't released as a single also made the cut with its depth and heartfelt nature. Lynch can sing rowdy songs about partying with the best of them, but he’s also talented enough to deliver an emotional ballad when he needs to.

Check out our list of Dustin Lynch’s top 10 best songs below.

  • 10

    "Wild in Your Smile"

    From 'Dustin Lynch' (2012)

    Lynch follows the standard model for contemporary songs on the radio these days with ‘Wild in Your Smile," singing about a mysterious girl who likes to walk on the wild side and asking her to hop in his truck to drive down a back road. While not his most groundbreaking song, Lynch delivers the mellow tune well enough for it to make it into his top 10 best songs.

  • 9

    "Good Girl"

    From 'Tullahoma' (2020)

    Lynch has a way with easy-going subject matter, and "Good Girl" is a song that's right in his wheelhouse. The light-hearted, very modern love song served as a perfect showcase for his vocal talents, giving Lynch his sixth No. 1 hit when it was released as a single in 2018.

  • 8

    "She Cranks My Tractor"

    From 'Dustin Lynch' (2012)

    Let’s face it, any famous country star needs at least one song about a tractor over the course of their career, and Lynch delivers a pretty catchy one with “She Cranks My Tractor.” He hits on every reference a redneck could ask for, assisted by the presence of a fiddle and banjo that come together on the fiery track. Lynch is as country as cornbread on the song and it definitely works for him.

  • 7

    "Mind Reader"

    From 'Where It's At' (2014)

    Just one of the special elements to Lynch’s talent is that he shines on radio-friendly songs just as much as he does on charming ballads, and “Mind Reader” is a prime example of this. Lynch's subtle way of making common topics his own allows “Mind Reader” to be a simply laid back song, making it one of the top 10 best Dustin Lynch songs

  • 6

    "Your Daddy’s Boots"

    From 'Where It's At' (2014)

    Lynch’s music catalog doesn’t get much sweeter than this heartfelt song. While a groom singing about his bride on their wedding day is nothing new, Lynch has a genuine way of taking the sweet subject matter to new heights. The emotional lyrics about a man trying to fill the significant shoes of his bride’s father will have you swooning and the singer has enough conviction in his delivery to bring a tear to one’s eye. The song obviously made an impact with fans, as it appeared on Billboard’s Country Digital Song Sales chart at No. 39, even though it wasn’t released as a single.

  • 5

    "Hell of a Night"

    From 'Where It's At' (2014)

    The opening guitar riff may trick you into thinking that what’s about to follow is another anthem from Jason Aldean. While that’s not the case, Lynch delivers the song with just as much power and grit as the superstar himself. Packing plenty of energy to keep you listening the whole way through, Lynch delivers on a strong country song that easily topped the charts. He had already made a compelling case as one of the genre’s up and coming standout artists, and “Hell of a Night” only further moves him in the superstar direction.

  • 4

    "Small Town Boy"

    From 'Current Mood' (2017)

    Perhaps one of his best-produced songs, Lynch sounds as smooth as ever on “Small Town Boy.” As sing-along worthy as almost every other song in his trajectory, the track is certainly noteworthy with its melodious feel and polished vocal delivery. It’s the roll-your-windows-down kind of jam that serves as a natural fit for Lynch’s voice and musical style, making it a sure-fire radio hit.

  • 3

    "Where It’s At"

    From 'Where It’s At' (2014)

    From the second you hear the opening snaps and jangly guitar chords, “Where It’s At” commands as an earworm track. You can’t help but bob your head along to the infectious melody as Lynch’s voice glows singing about his favorite girl. It should come as no surprise that the light-hearted song scored Lynch his first No. 1 hit, solidifying him as an artist to keep an eye on.

  • 2

    "Seein’ Red"

    From 'Current Mood' (2017)

    This fiery tune is easily one of Dustin Lynch’s best songs. Its bold vibe and vivacious lyrics make the song’s production high quality. Racing to the top of the charts with its daring nature, Lynch convincingly takes listeners on the thrilling ride with him. “Can’t get you outta my head” is right – and we don’t mind!

  • 1

    "Cowboys and Angels"

    From 'Dustin Lynch' (2012)

    Lynch truly made his mark on country music with this poignant track. The song has a powerful way of pulling you in and not letting go until the very last note. The singer’s sincerity makes you believe every word he croons, painting a beautiful image of a cowboy hopelessly in love with the angel of his dreams. “Cowboys and Angels” is the type of song that is special in every way and as a new artist, Lynch made a powerful statement with the song – and it’s paid off.

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