In Tacoma, a mom gets a call from her kid's school saying that the Secret Service was with the Tacoma Police Department and her son and they were speaking to him about what he posted on his facebook page. 13 year old Vito LaPinta said "I was saying how Osama was dead and for Obama to be careful because there could be suicide bombers." A week after he posted that, he was called into the principal's office.

"A man walked in with a suit and glasses and he said he was part of the Secret Service," LaPinta said. "He told me it was because of a post I made that indicated I was a threat toward the President."

They didn't even wait for the boy's mom to get there as they stated that she didn't take their phone call seriously, which she said was a lie. When the mom finally arrived at the school, he had been questioned for half an hour. She said she just about lost it. She went on to say "My 13 year-old son is supposed to be safe and secure in his classroom and he's being interrogated without my knowledge or consent privately." Once she arrived at the school, the agent said he wasn't in any trouble but should be careful about what he posts.

Although they can't sue for financial reasons, she's hoping this story raises awareness about what happened to her little boy in this matter.


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