Red wave? Blue shield? Democracy in action in the mid-term 2022 election.

Pundits have much to say in the seemingly endless weeks leading up to election day. In the final analysis, voters decide. What elected officials and political parties learn from the results, well, only time will tell.

Washington State Election Results 2022

A hotly contested race for US Senate between  Senator Patty Murray and Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley saw roughly $36 Million spent in campaign advertising.

Thought of as a solid 'blue' state, many believed the race would be a slam dunk for the incumbent 5-term Murray. Smiley's campaign seemed to kick up far more dust than expected and made for an interesting race. Check out the latest Washington State results from the Washington Secretary of State HERE.

Oregon State Election Results 2022

Check out the latest Oregon State results from the Oregon Secretary of State HERE.


Yakima County Election Results in 2022

Check out Yakima County Election Results HERE.

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