Tuesday is election day 2022. Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says if you've waited to vote remember your ballot is due at 8:00 pm Tuesday. You can drop it in the mail or in a drop box. Drop box locations are in many places around the county. For a list of locations check the link https://www.yakimacounty.us/1136/Where-to-return-your-ballot-and-accessib

The auditor issued more than 127,000 ballots but not all will be voted

Ross says the Auditors office issued more than 127,000 ballots. He expects about half of the ballots to be returned after all the counting is over and the election is certified at the end of the month.
So far 26% of the ballots have been voted and returned to the office. If you didn't get a ballot of have questions about your ballot call the office at 509-574-1340.

There's no deadline to sign up to vote

If you are not registered to vote you can register today at the Secretary of State's website or on election day in the Yakima County Auditors Office inside the Yakima County Courthouse. Remember if you sign up in person you'll have to go through security at the entrance the courthouse.
Remember you don't need a stamp to drop it in the mail or you can drop it in a drop box location.

Ross expects republicans to monitor counting

Ross says the republican party has informed the Auditor's Office that party members will be observing counting on election night. He also says political parties who want to monitor voter drop boxes in Yakima County have the right to do that as long as the monitoring doesn't intimidate voters. However Ross says he hasn't had any information that any monitoring is happening at any drop boxes located in Yakima County.

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