An occasional visit to eBay and one never knows what one may find. I'll often check to see if somebody else has some old artifact that I've been hoarding for years, and almost always, they do. Nothing unique under the sun for sure.

It's sort of nice to check and see what the marketplace will bear for selling collectibles, antiques, vintage this, and nostalgic that. I will regularly discover that things such as my grandmother's lovely ceramic statuettes are not worth as much as I thought they'd be and I'll decide to hang onto them for a little longer - until the marketplace wises up.

I have a friend who collects vintage postcards from all over. It's really quite fascinating as folks used to get very creative with postcards. That's back when snail-mail was all the rage and a postcard was ideal for showing what you were up to or where you were while providing just enough space on the back to write a brief message and salutation.

A recent stroll through eBay looking for unusual things from or about Yakima turned up these really interesting vintage postcards. Many of the streets and buildings still look familiar, even though some of the photos are well over 100 years old.


Vintage Yakima Postcards on eBay


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