Due to budget cuts at the City of Yakima, the team behind the annual free 4th Of July celebration is letting the public know that this event is in danger of being cancelled for 2019.

Good call on making this a public plea, don't you agree? You see, now that the word is out, I don't think it will be hard for State Fair Park to find a local sponsor willing to front the dough for the 4th of July!

Whomever can cut a $25,000 check the fastest will not only have their company name plastered everywhere, but they will be seen by residents as the "hero" who saved the town festival! Plus, they'll get a sweet tax write off when they do their taxes next year.

I tell ya, if I had $25,000 smackers, I'd donate it myself!

If you are swimming in dough, please contact the President of the Central Washington State Fair, Greg Stewart, either by phone at (509) 248-7160 or email him here. Let him know ASAP that you can save the Yakima 4th of July and let the town breathe a huge sigh of relief!

Contact Greg before the end of January 2019 or else this year there won't be any carnival rides and big fireworks in Yakima on the 4th of July*! If all else fails, we could just run on over to watch the fireworks in Selah! #BackupPlan

*Other City of Yakima produced town celebrations are being canceled this year due to budget cuts, including Cinco de Mayo and AppleJam Battle of the Bands.

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