It's the new year and so many are trying new diets and doing what they can to kickstart 2023 with a new outlook and find a new routine in their eating habits. In a recent interview, Sam Hunt was talking about his diet that his guitar player got him on called the Carnivore Diet. Meat, and lots of it. If you'd like to try the Sam Hunt Diet for yourself, here are just a few options you can consider.

Yakima Steak Company
I mean, c'mon, the word steak is right in the name. Not only do they have about 10 different types of steak and great burgers but also has a secondary chef's menu with even more options. If you're looking to be a carnivore, Yakima Steak Company is a can't-miss situation. They offer a L BAR Ranch Bone-In Cowboy Ribeye Dinner for Two. Treat yourself and get that just for yourself. I mean, you don't have to, but would be fun.

WaterFire Grill
Conveniently off 40th and Washington this place offers a variety of steak as well as asian-inspired foods, too, like the hibachi steak. Fun times at this place.

Second Street Grill
Second Street Grill has a few meat options like the bistro medallions. The beef short ribs are an instant winner as well.

Cowiche Canyon Kitchen
The menu at Cowiche Canyon Kitchen is constantly changing but there are a few items that people keep coming back for. I love the fact they have Korean beef tips on the appetizer menu. Have some meat before more meat! Check out the Steak Frites. It's about as perfect as you can get. Steak and fries - perfect.
Many not as many full meat options as some of the other places, but still a great place to go. The rib eye strips are convenient as they're already sliced for you. I mean, sure, you can cut them more I suppose. If you want. They also offer Sous-Vide Short Ribs - fancy, fancy!

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