Nothing says "Minnesnowta" like a 50-foot-tall abominable snowman.

As WJON News reports, a farmer named Greg Novak has spent the past month and a half erecting a 50-foot-tall snowman in Foley, Minn. Because why not? The snowman's face is 10-feet-wide, his buttons are made of garbage-can lids and his nose consists of the rest of the garbage can.

Novak used a tractor and wagon to haul the snow to the site where the snowman now resides. He lapped together safety snow fences to construct the basic shape of each part of the snowman's body and then used a silage blower to keep shooting more snow onto the center pile.

For the smaller additions, Novak used an outdoor elevator to personally add the snowman's fashion accessories. The snowman also has an 80-foot-long scarf and entire trees stuck in his sides, which serve as makeshift arms. In front of the snowman's right arm is what we think is a flagpole that was redesigned to look like a giant broom. The video above has all the details.

So what would inspire a guy to undertake such a massive project? Especially one that will probably melt in July, when Minnesota may finally warm up. Novak claims that it was simply done to liven people's spirits during the particularly tough past few months. "It's been a long, hard winter," Novak said. "It's nice to see people enjoying it."

If you're in the area, plug 15356 105th Ave., Foley, Minn., into your GPS, and check it out. And pray that some sort of supernatural being doesn't grant life to this titan. Imagine the damage a humongous snowman could do to a city.

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