It seems like so many movies take place in Los Angeles or maybe have New York as the backdrop. When it comes to movies with a different look, different perspective that maybe require a cold coast or forest, why not Oregon? There have been several moves that were filmed in Oregon. Whenever anyone mentions Astoria some may be quick to remind you of films like The Goonies and even Kindergarten Cop were both filmed there. But those aren't the only movies filmed in Oregon. Here's a small list of films you can watch and maybe notice some landmarks in the background of these movies. They may not be completely filmed in Oregon, but might have scenes that were.

Pig. This movie starring Nicholas Cage was filmed around Portland. You wouldn't think so by the trailer much, but, without spoilers, in the film you'll definitely get a Portland vibe.

Animal House. The cult-comedy classic from 1978 uses Eugene as its backdrop.

The River Wild. Meryl Streep and Kevin Bacon star in this one. You'll find Grant's Pass in this.

Stand By Me. Another favorite by those of that generation. 4 boys go for a walking through several parts of Oregon including Eugene and surrounding towns.

Paint Your Wagon. This classic from 1969 was filmed in Eastern Oregon. Like Washington, Oregon has a west side and an east side whereas Eastern Oregon is mostly desert without as many trees. The perfect backdrop for a western.

The Postman with Kevin Costner from 1997. A lot of Central Oregon is showcased in this movie.

Twilight. Yes, most of us know so much was filmed in Fork, Washington but they traveled south for a few scenes like some in Portland and other towns around there.

Wild from 2014. If you've been to Bend, Oregon and a few other spots, you might recognize a few things in this movie.


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