In the Yakima Valley, it's usually right after Memorial weekend we start to see temperatures spike up. Some of the pools open up, air conditioners and fans fly off store shelves - it's about that time. Looking at the extended forecast, looks like we'll have our first 90 degree day in Yakima sooner than I expected.

According to Yakima is slated to have 90 for its high this Thursday. Friday the high is supposed to be 94.

It's a little hard to make summer plans during the time we're living in now. The community pools probably aren't opening any time soon, it's hard to know what other cities are doing and it's just hard to make plans in advance not knowing what the future holds. Knowing this I feel bad for my kids as we love to hit up the pools when we can. Looks like we'll have to find an alternate plan to cool off for now.

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