Here in the Yakima Valley, we are learning that are really no rules to enjoying good wine. If you like it, drink it. But at Spring Barrel Tasting this weekend, there will be plenty of wine snobs out ready to look down their noses if you mispronounce "Vigonier".

Recalling a similar incident where I was given a mini lecture on the proper way to eat sushi at a wedding reception years ago, I would not want some bussed in, westside wine snob to do that to you if you pronounce "merlot" as "mer-LOT". So here is a brief primer on the proper way to say Yakima Valley wine varietal names.

Merlot: (mer-LOW)

Cabernet Sauvignon (cab-er-NAY so-veen-YOWN)

Syrah: (seer-AH)

Chardonnay: (shar-do-NAY)

Riesling: (Rees-ling)

Gewurztaminer: (ge-VERTS-tra-meen-er)

Pinot Gris: (PEE-no gree)

These basics should be enough to get you started.  Just don't ask for Arbor Crest or Boone's Farm at any of our Yakima Valley tasting rooms this weekend, and you'll be fine.

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