State Rep. Jeremie Dufault is a family man and his concern for his family has helped him decide not to run for re-election this year. He says family comes first.

Dufault says he's not interested in moving his family for politics

The two-term Republican Representative says recent legislative boundary changes forced him to make the tough decision. Dufault’s house in Selah will not be in the 15th District next year because of the changes. The new district map places his home in the 14th District. That means for Dufault to run for a third term he would have to move his family home. He's decided it's not worth the impact it could make on his family.

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“I would like to continue to serve my Yakima County constituents,” says Dufault. “Unfortunately, I won’t be able to do that unless I move my three young children to a new home and a new school district. I decided that is not the best thing for my family right now.
Default says it's been an honor to "serve the  Yakima Valley in the state legislature. I am grateful to my friends and neighbors for the opportunity.”
His current two year term ends in January of 2023.

Dufault first started in politics as a Selah City Council member

A press release says "Dufault was elected to Selah City Council in 2017. He was first elected 15th District State Representative in 2018 and won re-election in 2020. Since then, Dufault has fought against state tax increases and spending hikes. He also led efforts to expand mental health care services in Yakima County, provide housing for homeless veterans, and invest in local schools, roads, parks and youth programs."
Dufault is a lieutenant colonel JAG officer in the U.S. Army Reserves and a real estate developer and investor. He is a Yakima native and Davis High School graduate.

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