This is a rough time of year to be homeless. But hundreds are living on the streets of Yakima everyday. Some even die on the streets.

A special service is set for Decembr 21 which is a special night

This month officials with Yakima Neighborhood Health Services will be remembering those who've died.  Yakima Neighborhood Health Services will be hosting the 17th annual  memorial service to remember those who have experienced homelessness, and passed away over the last year. Officials say the annual Memorial Service will be held Tuesday, December 21 --  the Longest Night / Shortest Day of the Year.  They say each year across the country, communities honor those who have died as a result of living harsh lives on the streets.

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services has the names of those who have died

The National Coalition for the Homeless, the National Consumer Advisory Board and the National Health Care for the Homeless Council encourage and share efforts for communities to engage in  Homeless Persons Memorial Day.
In Yakima a gathering will be held at the Millennium Plaza starting at 5:00 pm Tuesday,  December 21 to honor those who have died.
Yakima Neighborhood Health Services is currently collecting the names of those who have died, and to honor them during the memorial service.

Do you know someone who was homeless and has passed away?

If you know someone who has passed, please share the information so that their name will be in the Memorial program. Contact Gloria Hancock at  or  509-574-5556.

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