As the ski and riding season gets underway at the White Pass Ski Area shareholders will be voting next week on whether or not to sell the area to a group of local investors.

Some shareholders have big concerns about the proposed sale

The sale has some shareholders very concerned about the future of the ski area. According to shareholders talking with KIT News they were notified on December 2 about a special meeting coming up next Tuesday, December 21 to vote on the sale of White Pass to a small group of local investors. Some of the shareholders say the notice came as a surprise not only because of a possible sale but also because of what they consider a rush to hold a vote on December 21.

A majority of board members say the sale would be good for the area

The letter says a majority of the board members say the sale is in the best interest of shareholders and the future of the ski area. But some shareholders talking with KIT News say "should this deal close it puts White Pass much closer to the fate seen by Crystal and Stevens Pass. Both of those areas were sold to private investment groups, who ultimately  turned around and sold to the Vail and Alterra conglomerates." Many skiers say after the sale of  those areas they're now left with long lift lines, increased prices, a lack of parking and the loss of a local family resort. The current ownership group is made up of more than 150 shareholders who will meet for a vote next week.

Some shareholders and a board member however say they're happy for the sale

One board member however says this will be good for the ski area and will keep the area in local hands if the sale is approved. The unnamed board member says the small group looking to purchase the area are all long time fruit growers and other businessmen and women who want to keep the resort from being sold to a larger company. The board member says the sale is actually a good move for shareholders and those who ski and ride at the resort. The person says the intention of the board is to preserve and keep the White Pass Ski Area a local family resort for future generations. White Pass officials have no comment on the proposal.
The shareholder vote is set for December 21, the first day of Winter.

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