Here is a story that I would like to share with you. It's about how much the spirit of our country is strong and all things good and great about us shine through this past weekend. I traveled to Walla Walla to visit a friend and take in the local car show.

walla carshow2

Yes, U.S. auto industry products were out in full force everything from an early 1900's Buick to the latest from the Big Three. Some of the brands are no long being produced like Pontiac, Saturn, LaSalle, Cord, Plymouth, etc. The crowd really enjoy the show and street dance when the sun went down. But, there was something else that was in the air, a certain kind of energy. Yes, we all were honoring those who have lost their lives ten years ago in the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. I was starting to see men and women that are serving our country, dressed in their dress uniforms. That was an incredible sight, very sharp looking. After a few hours of looking around, we ended up at one of the nice restaurants that has turned the old train depot a very nice place to gather for great food. This is where the night and the spirit of the people shined towards the people to are serving our country.

us marine

A party of four were placed out on the patio for their dining experience. One young man dressed in Marine dress uniform was talking with his friends and was getting ready to pay for his meal. The Management came out to say that it was taken care of and thank you. After a little conversation, that party of four got up to continue their evening out another group of older couples had gotten up to salute and say thank you to this young Marine. One could tell by the look in the older gentelmen's eyes that he too had have served his country well.  I have already had gotten to the door when the young man was walking to meet up with his friends. I held the door for him and his party. When he passed me, I say thank you and he looked at me with that same look in the eye that my father gives. Once a Marine, Always a Marine. One must experience this feeling of pride of country and the people that live here. America can still be found and it appears around every corner. I will let your imagination tell you the rest. So, again I would like to say Thank You to all that serve our country from the local police and fire depts. to the men and women of our Military. We Salute you and say God Bless!

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