I never thought that I would ever be a Big Brother Fan, but sure enough I started watching last season (14) and got hooked. I like Big Brother for a number of reasons, one being the political nature of the game. I also like the physical and psychological competition.

This year has already gotten off to an incredible start. Fireworks over racial slurs and undertones in the house. A sense of mean girls (Kaitlyn, Aaryn and Gina Marie) add to the tension, and how could I forget this seasons twist of an MVP voted on by America that gives a secret house guest the power to nominate a third person for eviction. Bottom line is Big Brother 15 has been very entertaining to watch this year. It has also been uncomfortable to watch at times as well.

Aaryn has made racial slurs and jokes about Asian and African American stereotypes. It's on video and she is obviously oblivious to her actions. My favorite contestant Amanda confronted her with the information that the rest of the house is not happy with her actions and attitude towards a few other house guests.

I'm not sure how much the producers have to do with this by telling the contestants that drama and tension is OK on the show, so don't hold back. But the stuff Aaryn is spewing is down right wrong and offensive, and she doesn't see it. Either way she is out of a modeling contract with Zypher Entertainment for her comments and I can't see her making it to the end and winning the $500,000 up for grabs. But with BB, you never know. I hope Amanda walks away with the big money, she is funny and smart and at this point knows how to be real and play the game. I question her showmance with McCrae, but more power to the nerd if he can use his charming personalty to attract such a star. Good Luck Amanda! Happy Watching!