A friendly reminder to SLOW the F down and pay attention! Those of us that are able to drive, are simply blessed. Working vehicles, a mode of transportation that whips us to each destination quickly but we all forget at times how important it is...TO PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD.

When Was Your Last Accident?

One my way to work this morning I passed an accident and once at work as I scrolled through social media, I came across this post from a friend

Screnshot via Facebook approved by Yadira Navarro
PSA to PLEASE watch where you are going

I don’t know how to start this post. My daughter was hit by a truck once dropped off from the school bus today. The most terrifying call a parent could get. God thank you for protecting her. Thank you to the first aid responders for the lady who stayed on the phone with me until the ambulance arrive. To the driver who stopped and stayed to speak to officers. This was an accident but it’s a reminder to everyone that we need to slow down when driving, especially when our children are getting out of school… and for our children to pay attention to their surroundings. I want to thank everyone at Memorial Hospital that took great care of my daughter. Special thanks to Alicia (titi aunt) and to our family who were there right way! (you all know who you are) special thanks to everyone who has reached out. Yuritzy is home now only with minor injuries and broken jaw. But we’re finally home resting. I just ask to continue to keep her in her prayers because this is only the beginning to healing process.

Did you catch that, she's ok but HER JAW is broken!

This is your friendly reminder to slow down, pay attention and remember that you are driving around in a VERY powerful vehicle that could take out many things, including children and the responsibility is on YOU. Be aware of your surroundings and report those that are driving like maniacs. If you can't handle your car on the road, get off of it.

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